"Your ICT Solutions"

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Backup

We've believed the benefits of a cloud backup solution far outstrip that of their tape-based counterparts. Tapes can degrade in storage, a member of staff has to change them every day, and if an old archive file is required for restore the customer is left hoping that the tape drive (originally used) is still operational.

With our cloud-based backup solutions, our clients do not have these worries.

Cloud Email

Email is often regarded and the most essential IT Service, and thus many companies have decided to move their email (message, calendar, and address book) system to the cloud. Benefits include greater redundancy, less downtime, and lower cost of ownership.

At VGS we partner with hosted email solution providers, who we feel offer the complete range of solutions. Our impartial consultants and engineers will be able to specify which of these systems will best suit your needs (depending on your business' complex requirements).

Cloud PABX

We offer the full range of telecom (fixed line) services for our customers from lines & calls to Data services to telephony systems to full unified communications, even including video conferencing.

As an IT company with our own in-house certified engineers, we are able to approach your requirements from a service and solutions point of view, delivering a cost-effective solution that integrates into your existing IT, giving you the enhancements which benefit your business.

We don’t have a single solution, we take the time to understand your needs, not only of today but of next month and next year. We then can offer you an informed choice of what meets your needs. Often this can require integration into your existing services, perhaps SAGE or other services.